Stitching for Solidarity: Exhibition Launch

Join us for the launch of the Stitching for Solidarity exhibition. At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Conflict Textiles and their impactful work, as well as celebrating the resilience amidst conflict and exploring the transformative power of textiles in promoting positive change. Discover how arpilleras serve as powerful expressions of resistance against human rights abuses and repression, and how this form of creative expression transcends borders to foster dialogue, understanding, and healing from the grassroots up.

Stitching for Solidarity

Stitching for Solidarity is a thought-provoking exhibition that highlights the poignant narratives woven into the fabric of resistance. In
collaboration with Conflict Textiles, we are delighted to present 12 arpilleras from 1976, ’77, and ’78, acquired in Chile by a member of the
Chile Solidarity Committee of Berlin. These arpilleras, expertly mounted on Irish linen, are exhibited together for the first time, marking a historic occasion. Additionally, this collaboration marks the inaugural merging of Chilean hessian and Irish linen by Conflict Textiles, adding a unique dimension to the exhibition.