West Light

Susan Hughes exhibition at The Linen Hall. West Light.

Susan Hughes presents a series of atmospheric paintings of breeding seabirds including Arctic terns, little terns and fulmars. She paints in response to observations made during artist residencies on Rathlin Island, Inishlacken (Connemara) and Hrisey Island (Iceland).  Hughes is greatly influenced by the birdwatching practice of her own father.

A Word of Ulster-Scots

Liam Logan at The Linen Hall for the event 'A Word of Ulster-Scots'

Liam Logan is a writer and broadcaster from North Antrim. He often refers to his homeplace as ‘the hame o the Hamely Tongue’. A native Ulster-Scots speaker and an enthusiastic promoter of Ulster-Scots, he sees it as an integral part of shared linguistic and cultural heritage.

Join Liam at The Linen Hall for a word of Ulster-Scots.

Ulster-Scots Writing Competition Winners

With the support of the Ulster-Scots Agency, The Linen Hall organised its second Ulster-Scots Writing Competition last Autumn. The two competition categories were prose and poetry. The winner for each section and one runner-up for each section will be announced on the day and the winning entries will be published in a special edition anthology.

The Ulster-Scots Writing Competition 2022

Everybody kens a wee bit o’ Ulster-Scots and this is your chance to get creative with it. We are pleased to inform you that with the support of the Ulster-Scots