Shrieking Sisters

Based on actual events and people, ‘Shrieking Sisters’ is a drama that tells the story of Lilian Metge, a member of a well-known and respected Anglo-Irish family, and her journey from peaceful suffragist to militant suffragette. Along with other activists, Metge hatched a plan to bomb Lisburn Cathedral in 1914.

The Last Prime Minister of Ireland

The Last Prime Minister of Ireland. A play by Gerry Farrell at The Linen Hall

On the morning of his wife’s funeral in January 1941 David Lloyd George is forced to confront his past political and personal behaviour. In his dealings with Ireland, he stands accused of deceiving both the unionist and nationalist communities, but it is the betrayal of his family and his native Wales that torture the former Prime Minister most. Tension and comedy come together in this historical drama that Splodar Theatre will bring to life in The Linen Hall.

Dunluce – Act 2

Before and After the Agreement. A production in partnership with Ian McElhinney and Dan Gordon

Willy and Jamey walked to Dunluce Castle to celebrate that they had settled their differences. On returning home, they discover that their wives Masie and Rose expect them to do a share of the chores. What they do next might surprise you.

Dan Gordon and Marty Maguire bring to life the second act of Neil Speers’ play, ‘Dunluce’. Join us for a one-off performance at The Linen Hall.