The Sunningdale Agreement

As we mark the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the Sunningdale Agreement, The Linen Hall invites you to reflect on this pivotal moment in Northern Ireland’s history. Join us for an insightful conversation with journalist and broadcaster Mark Simpson, alongside Dermot Nesbitt, Brian Faulkner’s election agent and a key member of the Ulster Unionist Party’s negotiation team during the Stormont talks that led to the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.

Border Identities

Border Identities. Arlene Foster and Bertie Ahern in conversation with Mark Simpson. Borders and Boundaries. The Linen Hall (2023).

Hailing from very different political backgrounds on each side of the border, former First Minister of Northern Ireland, Baroness Arlene Foster DBE and former Taoiseach of Ireland, Bertie Ahern, will discuss their experiences and perspectives on how the border shaped their lives and identities from their early life to their political careers and beyond.