Borders and Boundaries Exhibition

Borders & Boundaries Exhibition. The Linen Hall (2023)

This exhibition explores the changing cultural, political, and economic meanings and realities of borders and boundaries in Northern Ireland throughout the past century, showcasing a diverse range of artefacts and archival material from our collections.

Our June Events at a Glance

Susan Hughes exhibition at The Linen Hall. West Light.

WEST LIGHT Exhibition | 02 June – 30 June | 9.30 am – 5.30 pm | Free Susan Hughes presents a series of atmospheric paintings of breeding seabirds including Arctic

Origins & Legacies: The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement

Origins & Legacies_ The Belfast Good Friday Agreement Exhibition by The Linen Hall

Using cartoons, badges, posters, and other artefacts reflecting the lead up to and aftermath of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, this exhibition highlights key events and the talks which paved the way for an agreement, as well as the political and societal outcomes of the accord.

Antrim Art Club Spring Exhibition

Antrim Art Club Spring Exhibition

The Antrim Art Club has been at the heart of the local art scene for over 70 years. Established in 1951, the club encourages, promotes, and advances participation in visual art in the community and explores the tranquillity of painting.

Every year, The Antrim Art Club holds a number of exhibitions across Antrim and Northern Ireland. This March join us at The Linen Hall for an exhibition that will highlight local talent.

TALK: A Life in Low Relief

Farhad O'Neill Artist at The Linen Hall

Farhad O’Neill is launching his exhibition ‘A Life in Low Relief’ with a talk that will highlight different aspects of his art. For over 30 years, Farhad’s work travels across and beyond culture and time. From the concept of memory as part of rhetoric in Jesuit efforts in China in the late 1500s and early 1600s translated visually into Irish and Christian context, impressions from diverse musical performances, sexual and gender identity, Catholic devotional practices, abstract expressionism based upon nature, eastern Zoroastrian influences.

A Life in Low Relief

Farhad O'Neill Artist

Farhad O’Neill, the old familiar of The Linen Hall, returned to Belfast, after 17 years in his native Canada. The exhibition ‘A Life in Low Relief’ represents over twenty years of work in the genre of bas-relief (or low relief) carving.
The exhibition will feature a total of 76 bas-relief sculptures in bronze, as well as the original carvings, a video display of the sketchbooks for these works, and a specially curated slideshow of Farhad’s major commission of the Marian Doors for St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica in Toronto.

Francis Hutcheson and Contemporary Ireland

Francis Hutcheson was an Ulster-Scot philosopher who became known as one of the founding fathers of the Scottish Enlightenment. He was notable for his humane view of mankind – for him, there was inherent goodness in people. Join Philip Orr, author of ‘The Secret Chain: Francis Hutcheson and Contemporary Ireland’, for an online conversation on moralism and the Scottish Enlightenment.

Campbell College: The Men Behind the Glass

‘The Men Behind the Glass’ is a photographic exhibition that pays tribute to the sacrifice made by 126 pupils and one staff member of Campbell College in the Great War. The project outlines how these men, boys, and their families lived, fought, survived, or died. With the support of PRONI and funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund, over 100 photographs have been preserved to allow the stories of these boys and men to be told.