Changemakers: Student and Youth Activism in Northern Ireland

‘Changemakers: Student and Youth Activism in Northern Ireland’ is a special project developed by
The Linen Hall that explores pivotal moments of student activism in Northern Ireland’s history and
spotlights the role of today’s changemakers.

Changemakers: Student and Activism Symposium

Join us for a day-long programme featuring talks from esteemed academics and roundtable discussions with activists, past and present. Together, we will explore the profound influences and impact of student and youth activism since the 1960s in Northern Ireland, reflecting on local, national, and international dimensions.

Changemakers: Exhibition Launch

Join us for the highly anticipated launch of the co-curated exhibition ‘Changemakers: Student and Youth Activism in Northern Ireland’. This event promises diverse and thought-provoking insights from project participants, including students, youth groups, local artists, activists, and The Linen Hall project team.

Changemakers: Exhibition

Working with local student and youth groups, ‘Changemakers: Student and Youth Activism in Northern Ireland’ explores contemporary and historical issues that students and young people have campaigned on from the 1960s to the present day. Using artefacts and ephemera from The Linen Hall’s archives, alongside materials created by groups as part of the project, we have co-curated this exhibition reflecting on these campaigns.