Blurring the Boundaries: Boxing in N. Ireland

Blurring the Boundaries. Carl Frampton in conversation with Thomas Kane. Borders and Boundaries. The Linen Hall (2023)

Step into the ring with former boxing world-champion, Carl Frampton MBE, as he shares his journey from growing up in an interface area to becoming one of Northern Ireland’s most loved sports personalities of all time. Hosted by Thomas Kane, this conversation will explore identity, boundaries, and how sport can unite even the most divided societies.

Something to Write Home About: Seamus Heaney

Something to Write Home About. Seamus Heaney. Film Screening. Borders and Boundaries. The Linen Hall (2023).

Nobel Prize winning poet Seamus Heaney explored the themes of borders and boundaries throughout his works and encouraged cross-border collaboration and cooperation through a range of cultural initiatives. Join us for a special showing of the short BBC film, Something to Write Home About.

Border Literature

Border Literature. James Conor Patterson, Michelle Gallen and Tony Macauley. Borders and Boundaries. The Linen Hall (2023)

The Irish border and the various boundaries within Northern Irish politics and society has had an enduring influence on arts and culture across the island of Ireland. Writers James Conor Patterson, Michelle Gallen, and Tony Macauley will discuss how borders and boundaries have influenced their work.

Bordering on History

Bordering on History. Bryonie Reid Cormac Moore. Borders and Boundaries. The Linen Hall (2023).

The creation of the Irish border in the early 1920s caused significant changes in the political, social, and economic landscape across the island of Ireland. In this talk, Bryonie Reid and Cormac Moore will explore the impact of the border on sport, trade, religion, and identity across the last century.

Crossing the Boundaries: Displacement

Crossing the Boundaries: Displacement. Panel Conversation with Marian Kane, Kate Rankin, Ray Rankin, and Twasul Mohammed. Borders and Boundaries. The Linen Hall (2023).

Over the past century, people across the island of Ireland have experienced displacement as a result of sectarian violence. Today, Northern Ireland is a place for those seeking refuge. Join us for a discussion featuring Marian Kane, Kate Rankin, Ray Rankin, and Twasul Mohammed.

Border Identities

Border Identities. Arlene Foster and Bertie Ahern in conversation with Mark Simpson. Borders and Boundaries. The Linen Hall (2023).

Hailing from very different political backgrounds on each side of the border, former First Minister of Northern Ireland, Baroness Arlene Foster DBE and former Taoiseach of Ireland, Bertie Ahern, will discuss their experiences and perspectives on how the border shaped their lives and identities from their early life to their political careers and beyond.

Breaking Boundaries: Cross-Border Activism

Breaking Boundaries: Cross-Border Activism. Panel Conversation with Danielle Roberts, John Barry and Richard O'Leary. Borders and Boundaries. The Linen Hall (2023).

Movements advocating equality, peace, and justice have fostered links across national borders. Join activists Danielle Roberts, John Barry, and Richard O’Leary as they discuss their experiences in campaigns for gender equality, LGBTQIA+ rights, and climate justice, and share their insights into how cross-border activism looks today.

Borders and Boundaries Exhibition

Borders & Boundaries Exhibition. The Linen Hall (2023)

This exhibition explores the changing cultural, political, and economic meanings and realities of borders and boundaries in Northern Ireland throughout the past century, showcasing a diverse range of artefacts and archival material from our collections.