Stand with Hope: Celebrating Women in Our Archives

Join us for a special event highlighting the contributions of women in Northern Ireland through our archival collections. Explore a diverse range of items showcasing women’s lives and experiences. Discover the remarkable work of our interns and volunteers as they present curated collections. They’ll be on hand to give insights into and tell the stories behind the exhibited items.

Francis Hutcheson and Contemporary Ireland

Francis Hutcheson was an Ulster-Scot philosopher who became known as one of the founding fathers of the Scottish Enlightenment. He was notable for his humane view of mankind – for him, there was inherent goodness in people. Join Philip Orr, author of ‘The Secret Chain: Francis Hutcheson and Contemporary Ireland’, for an online conversation on moralism and the Scottish Enlightenment.

Andrew Gibson Memorial Lecture

In this year’s Andrew Gibson Memorial Lecture, Ian Crozier, CEO of the Ulster-Scots Agency, will talk about the life and legacy of the former Linen Hall Governor and Burns Collector, Andrew Gibson. Gibson was a businessman and philanthropist from Ayrshire, who came to Belfast with his family in the 1880s. Gibson is the man responsible in large part for The Linen Hall Burns archive, which is one of the largest, and most important, outside of Scotland.

Campbell College: The Men Behind the Glass

‘The Men Behind the Glass’ is a photographic exhibition that pays tribute to the sacrifice made by 126 pupils and one staff member of Campbell College in the Great War. The project outlines how these men, boys, and their families lived, fought, survived, or died. With the support of PRONI and funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund, over 100 photographs have been preserved to allow the stories of these boys and men to be told.