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Borders and boundaries come in various forms. They may be physical structures, like peace walls or custom posts, or they may be more psychological or intangible boundaries, like avoiding certain areas due to fear or intimidation. Borders and boundaries can engender conflict and division, but they can also provide opportunities for co-operation through things such as trade, culture, and activism. 

The Linen Hall is dedicated to collecting and safeguarding historical items and stories from the past and present for the benefit of future generations. As part of our ongoing project, Borders and Boundaries, we are actively working to digitally collect and preserve personal stories and artefacts contributed by the public. These testaments should relate to the diverse borders and boundaries that individuals in Northern Ireland have encountered historically and in the present.

You can share your stories by writing directly to the text box below or by attaching a Word or PDF document. Additionally, we welcome the upload of images of related objects.


About Borders and Boundaries

Borders and Boundaries is The Linen Hall’s new project that explores the meanings and realities of borders and boundaries in Northern Ireland throughout the last century through an exhibition and an event series, funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs Reconciliation Fund.


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